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Raw cacao and cashew nut milk

Raw cacao and cashew nut milk

Raw cacao and cashew nut milk

Serves 2

This milk is an absolute luxury and a great alternative to traditional sugar-laden chocolate milkshakes. It can taste a little watery to first timers and its richness relies on the amount of raw cacao powder you add (I love the lightness of it). The milk is dairy-free which is great news for vegans, those intolerant to lactose or children with a dairy allergy.

Not only does this drink taste great it’s loaded with magnesium (a single serving provides over half the recommended daily intake for adults). UK food surveys have shown that average intakes of this mineral are below the the recommended daily intake and especially in women, eleven percent of whom have very low intakes.

Magnesium is required for hundreds of chemical reactions in the body and is especially important for healthy bones, muscle and nervous system. Low intakes are associated with depression, anxiety and insomnia. Studies have also shown low levels of magnesium as being associated with symptoms of PMS.

Aside from cashew nuts, other magnesium-rich foods include seeds, dried fruit, dark green leafy vegetables, fish (especially halibut) and pulses (lentils and beans).

Given the quantity of nuts this milk it’s quite high in calories so serve as a sweet treat. However, this also means it makes a healthy nourishing snack for those lucky souls trying to gain weight! I often have this as a post-training snack or after a long event as it contains a source of carbs and protein (magnesium is a muscle relaxer so may also help with any cramping).


150g raw cashew nuts
800ml water
3 level tablespoons raw cacao powder
1-2 tbsp honey (or maple syrup if vegan)
Vanilla pod
1 pinch sea salt


1. Soak cashews in water for 3 hours (you could soak overnight before bedtime).

2. Drain cashews and add to the blender with water.

3. Add remaining ingredients and blend for a minute on high or until completely smooth.

4. Store for a few days in a glass bottle or serve immediately (best served really chilled)

If you can’t find raw cacao powder then try using a good quality cocoa powder.