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Cooking With Soul – Soul Sisters Fitness & Rob Hobson Nutrition

Cooking With Soul – Soul Sisters Fitness & Rob Hobson Nutrition

Cooking With Soul

I’m very excited to be collaborating with my buddies on this new venture.  Sisters, Alex and Maddie are the talented, fun and inspirational duo behind Soul Sisters Fitness.  The girls are top of their game in the world of wellness and run the Adidas female fitness studio on Brick Lane, London, where all the classes are FREE.

Diet and fitness has evolved into something that some people may view as being unachievable, but the bottom line is that it shouldn’t be a chore and with the right attitude, anything’s possible.  Diet and fitness should be fun and there’s something for everyone.  Without wanting to sound ‘preachy’, we all have our own journey and the key to developing and sticking with good diet and fitness habits is found within the right inspiration and a little bit of expert knowledge.  It’s naive to think it’s that simple and we get that (we certainly don’t get it right ourselves all the time!), but let us show you how to approach diet and fitness uninhibited, with a focus on confidence, fun and positive energy.

Time to inject more excitement into the wellness industry 

Alex, Maddie and I want to inject more excitement into the wellness industry with cheesy grins, high energy and a general ethos of ‘keeping it real’ rather than worrying about balancing your macros, overdosing on protein or other ways of trying to micro-manage your diet and fitness.  If you complicate your diet and fitness too much then you’re more likely to lose the fun element.  That’s when you start to set unrealistic goals. That’s when you start to put too much pressure on yourself.  That’s when it can all become a bit of a chore and when you risk losing the long-term routine and consistency of diet and fitness, which is essential for long-term health. That’s the most important thing right?  Your health is your wealth.

Common barriers to diet and fitness

Do you need to splash your cash on so called ‘Superfoods’ to be healthy?
Do you need to be an expert chef to cook healthy food?
Do you need to dedicate hours in the kitchen to prepare healthy food?
Do you need fancy gym gear or an expensive gym membership to exercise?

The answer to all these questions is ‘HELL NO’ (although the Soul Sisters do love a snazzy outfit!)


Cooking With Soul is a weekly YouTube feature and we’ll show you how to cook delicious, nutritious and sometimes a little bit fancy, healthy food.  We want to make the most of foods that can save a few quid and create dishes that anyone can prepare in a flash.

Cooking With Soul will explore all areas of health and fitness.  As a qualified and registered nutritionist, and qualified PT’s, we’ll use our 30 years of combined experience as experts in the industry to share insight and answer the questions we commonly get asked in our line of work, and of course, bring it back to the kitchen!

Just a few examples include:

What’s veganism and can I get enough protein on this diet?
How can I get more iron in my diet?
How much protein do I actually need and should I be drinking shakes?
What’s the best way to lose weight?
What are the best foods for women’s health?
What’s the best way to ‘bulk up’?
What fats should I be cooking with?
What’s the deal with snacking?
Can my diet help with sleep?
What’s inflammation?
Do I need to go dairy-free?
How can I reduce my sugar intake?
Why am I always bloated?
Are carbs bad?

Got a question that you want answered? Get in touch and we’ll make a video for you!

We’re also planning a new concept of supper clubs throughout London where you’ll train with the girls and then get fed by me.  Any level of fitness and no fancy gym gear required, but I will make you all eat my food! Just bring a smile and we’ll take care of the rest!

Fancy a corporate supper club with me and the girls to improve the health of your workforce?  Get in touch!

You can contact me through the website or at
You can also contact me or the Soul Sisters via Instagram:

Soul Sisters Fitness

Rob Hobson Nutritionist

Here’s a quick snapshot of our first video..


You can access the full video at our YouTube pages (Cooking With Soul page to come)

Soul Sisters Fitness

Rob Hobson Nutritionist

Come and get involved.  Start Cooking With Soul!

Rob, Alex and Maddie x

Hillside beach club (Turkey) wellness week

Hillside beach club (Turkey) wellness week

So, just spent a brilliant week in Turkey at the Hillside beach Club with my good buddy and personal trainer to the stars Christina Howells of That Girl London .  I have to admit that Turkey was never top of my list of places to visit, but the beautiful resort of Hillside in Fethiye was an eye opener.  We had a week of glorious sunshine accompanied by breathtaking views and crystal clear,  jade green sea.

Chris and I were invited to be part of the Wellness week at Hillside, which included an array of interesting workshops including one from me about healing foods and others including yoga, juicing and other relaxation techniques.  As you can see from the pictures, Chris took every opportunity to strike a pose in the latest collection from Charli Cohen.
image1-12 Christina Howells


Later in the week we were joined by four of the UK’s top health and wellbeing journalists and bloggers including Poppy cross,  Anneli Bush (Sustain the Glow), Abi Butcher and Nina Zietman, invited by the PR agency, Hue & Cry, represented by the gorgeous Esme Fillingham.

There was plenty of time to bask in the sunshine and explore the beautiful beaches on offer at the resort.  If a lively environment and cool beach club vibe is your thing, then the main beach was the place to soak up the sun.  However, needing a little quiet, I found the Serenity beach (see below) a haven of relaxation, and for those who are looking for total silence, the quiet beach offered just that, complete with a mobile phone ban.  The rooms were also sheer bliss with huge comfy beds and pillow menu (I opted for the buckwheat pillow) as well as stunning views out to sea.


image1-5  image1-4  image1-2


The journals and bloggers experienced some magical moments including sunset yoga onboard one of the resorts many boats, spa treatments and water sports.  Christina also put us through our paces over the weekend with personal training sessions and a group circuit training session that worked muscles I never even new existed (thanks to Anneli for subjecting me to a further 30 minutes of torture from Christina!).




Obviously, food was big on my agenda and Hillside didn’t disappoint with a huge array of fresh salads, grilled meat and fish, as well as other offerings to meet the needs of most pallets.  If the canteen style of eating isn’t your thing then there are also other restaurants offering a la carte dining in style of the local cuisine, which included plenty of local foods and dishes including aubergine, local breads and locally caught seafood.




I’m not the biggest fan of resorts as I like my own company to chill out, however, Hillside offered an environment to get involved in the group/family holiday vibe as well as quite spaces to reflect and rejuvenate.  I also took the opportunity to shamelessly promote the Detox Kitchen Bible!




I’m not sure I could personally cope with the crowds that likely fill the beaches of Hillside during the summer months, but that’s just me.  Saying that, I can’t recommend visiting this resort highly enough if you’re looking for a dose of sunshine and luxury to escape the dreary UK weather during the end of September through to October.

I also have to say a huge thanks to the team at Hillside who were incredibly friendly and accommodating during the week, especially Oscar the chef who helped with my food demonstration.

If you fancy joining me and Christina then check in for May when we will be involved in the next Wellness week at Hillside.