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21st February 2020 Type 2 diabetes: Three of the best foods to eat for breakfast to lower blood sugar

11th September 2019 How to sleep: Seven ways to promote good sleep – have you tried this?

30th August 2019 Type 2 diabetes: Best salad dressing to lower blood sugar – what oil to use

30th May 2019 How to sleep: Five simple diet changes to help you get a good night’s rest

29th May 2019 Eye warning: Six foods to include in your diet or risk serious problems with your sight

5th April 2019 High Cholesterol: Foods to lower cholesterol 

17th October 2018 High blood pressure: Six diet swaps to slash cholesterol levels and lower your reading

15th October 2018 How to sleep – the one fruit you should AVOID before bed or risk a bad night’s sleep

11th October 2018 Best supplements for sleep – three capsules to help you fall asleep fast

11th February 2018 Expert advice on how to keep your heart healthy

3rd January 2018 Weight loss: The biggest mistake ANYONE following a diet can make – it might shock you

29th December 2017  Weight loss: Ten shopping basket essential foods to help you to lose weight

1st December 2017 Cancer, diabetes and heart disease diet: Is THIS the healthiest way to eat your eggs?

February 27th 2017  How to lower blood pressure – just add THIS to your diet TWICE a week

February 21st 2017 REVEALED: The SHOCKING salty truth behind YOUR favourite ‘healthy snacks’

December 12th 2016 Always tired? Dehydration could be causing you extreme fatigue

October 31st 2016  Top tips to beating the winter blues as the clocks go back

October 12th 2016 Eating EGGS can protect against HEART DISEASE and increase ‘good cholesterol’

September 28th 2016 A spoonful of date syrup? Expert reveals if NATURAL sweeteners are healthier than sugar

September 17th 2016 Does being a vegetarian make you FAT? The safe way to turn to a veggie diet

September 6th 2016 Taking THIS vitamin could protect you against cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s

September 1st 2016 Do YOU suffer with migraines? These are the SIX foods YOU should avoid

September 1st 2016 Is your ‘healthy’ G&T making you fat? Drink has MORE calories than a can of Coca-Cola

August 9th 2016 Quinoa or rice? THESE superfood ‘swaps’ are JUST as good for you

July 8th 2016 Feeling glum? Eating three meals a day and getting out in the sun will improve your mood

July 7th 2016  Avoiding eggs, wholegrain bread and beetroot? The ten foods you SHOULD eat but don’t

July 4th 2016  Are statins safe? Dr Hilary Jones on the drug 2.5MILLION people in UK are taking…

June 24th 2016 Avoid chewing gum and DON’T skip meals: Ten simple ways to overcome MIGRAINES

May 27th 2016  Erectile dysfunction or low sperm count? YOU need these five things in your trolley

May 20th 2016  Need a health kick? Every woman should put THESE five foods in the shopping trolley

May 16th 2016  Fed up with joint aches and pains? This Morning’s Dr Hilary Jones is here to help



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